Picking Winners On Looks

You’re at the race track, watching the horses parade in the paddock before the race. You’ve studied the form, and have narrowed the field down to three possible winners. How are you going to make your final selection? Picking Winners On Looks will help you make that decision.

Knowing what to look for in the paddock will give you an edge not available to most race goers. Picking Winners On Looks shows you how to assess a horse’s chance of winning based on how it looks physically, how it behaves in the paddock and the equipment it’s wearing. The betting market often overlooks these vital aspects. It may overprice a horse that’s thriving physically, or it may have a horse that doesn’t impress in the paddock at a shorter price than it should be.

Equine chiropractor Steve Sugden spends his working life watching horses move, assessing their athletic ability from their musculo-skeletal system and their gait, and judging their state of mind from their body language. Steve has used his knowledge and experience to write this guide to ‘paddock handicapping’. With more than sixty photos to illustrate every aspect of a horse’s conformation, attitude and racing equipment, Picking Winners On Looks provides the racing enthusiast with an under-used but valuable angle in the search for winners.

Even if you’re not too worried about making money at the races, an understanding of what’s going on in the paddock will add to your enjoyment of the day. Why is one horse wearing a hood, another a tongue-tie, and a third a cross noseband? Why is one horse striding out calmly, with its ears pricked forward, while the one behind it is jog-trotting and beginning to sweat, its ears flicking from side to side? You’ll find the answers in Picking Winners On Looks.

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