A fit Kodiac filly

Most racehorses need to be fit in order to win. Fitness, though, is easier and quicker to achieve in some horses than in others, Trainers will point out, with justification, that it isn’t always possible, particularly at the start of a new season, to have their horses in peak condition. Some horses don’t try very hard on the home gallops; others are big, stuffy types and need a lot of work to get them fit.

Trainers, however, do vary in their approach to achieving fitness in their horses. Some are adept at having a horse fit and ready to race even after a long absence through injury. Others prefer to leave something to work on, and their horses benefit from their first run of the season.

A racehorse’s coat is a strong indicator of its health and fitness. A shiny coat is a sure sign of a healthy horse. Ill health can adversely affect the functioning of the oil glands that lubricate the coat, rendering it dull and lifeless.

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