Betting On The Dogs

Betting On The Dogs

Welcome to my greyhound page. If you love greyhound racing, you may be interested in these publications, available from this website. Greyhound racing offers the punter a realistic chance of making a profit. The racing greyhound is an amazingly consistent athlete. If fit and well, and given a clear run, it is capable of running to the same level of form time after time.

Greyhound form is straightforward, with fewer variables than horse racing form. In the UK there is a maximum of six runners in a race. All greyhound tracks are left-handed sand circuits. In graded racing (the equivalent of handicaps in horse racing), most greyhounds race at the same track for their entire career. Most are bred to race around four bends, though some will prove better suited to six or more bends, or to sprint distances around two bends. Compared with horse racing, the condition of the track surface is a minor factor in assessing the form of a race. Unless a dog has shown a pronounced dislike for very firm or very soft ground, as judged by its past performances, it is safe to assume that it won’t be disadvantaged by the prevailing surface.

Because no dog can compete in a graded race until it has run in three trial races, the punter always has a guide to a dog’s ability, in terms of its style of running and basic speed. And since greyhounds often race as many as six times a month, there is a substantial body of form on which to base one’s decisions.

One of the beauties of greyhound form is its essential simplicity. There are three factors which, taken together, have a massive influence on a dog’s chance in a race: trap draw, recent form and its current ability as assessed against the clock. My publications will show you how to use these factors to find winners.

Greyhound Income Builder

Greyhound Income Builder 2019

Greyhound Income Builder 2019 is the method I use to assess graded greyhound races. Analysis of a graded race takes only a few minutes, and the aim is to distinguish the contenders from the non-contenders. Then, depending upon the prices available, one or more contenders can be backed, or the non-contenders layed on the betting exchanges. Greyhound Income Builder can be used to assess any grade of race, at any track racing under Greyhound Board of Great Britain rules.

The Greyhound Income Builder 2019 method involves filling in a simple chart, noting the relevant information that determines each dog’s chances in a given race. From this information you can see at a glance the contenders and non-contenders.

Greyhound Income Builder comes as an email attachment.

Price: £5.95

Greyhound Racing Systems

Greyhound Racing Systems

Greyhound Racing Systems comprises seven proven, winner-producing systems that should give you an enjoyable and potentially profitable evening at the dogs or afternoon at the betting shop. Using the systems described in this book will put your greyhound betting on a much sounder footing than, say, following trap numbers or forecast favourites. That’s because each of the seven systems is based on sound principles that have a track record of pinpointing winners.

Any book on betting, whether it’s on greyhounds, racehorses, golf or poker, comes with a health warning. All types of betting are speculative and carry risk. I’m not going to pretend that these seven systems will set you on the road to wealth and fame. They will all have their good and not so good days. But what I can promise you is this: if you back a dog using any of these systems, you’ll be backing a contender.

The seven systems are:
1. Winners on the clock.
2. Three lengths in hand.
3. Good recent form.
4. Recently fancied.
5. Improving young dog.
6. Clear run.
7. Down one grade.

Greyhound Racing Systems is sent by first class post.

Price: £7.95 including p&p.

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